"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №6 2008

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A. E. Malakh.
Partnership between Business and State in the Field of Water Supply and Water Disposal
The Rosvodokanal Companies Group's experience on reforming of water-sewage utilities according to the model of the state-private partnership is presented.
B. V. Khmelnikov, P. D. Mikhaylov.
Methodical Approaches and Regional Practice of Regulation of Extra Charges to Tariffs of Water Supply and Water Disposal Organizations
The main methodical approaches are presented; the most substantive issues are considered; practical recommendations on calculation of extra charges to tariffs for services and the goods of municipal complex organizations are given. The increases in tariffs made by various municipal developments are analyzed.


L. S. Ponomareva.
Practice of Standardization of Polluting Substances Discharge into Water Objects
An analysis of existing practice of standardization of polluting substances discharge into water objects is presented.


E. S. Ganbarov.
Combined Use of Electrochemical and Sorption Methods of Water Treatment
Results of experimental studies of the combined use of electrochemical oxidation and sorption filtration for treatment of natural water containing technogenic admixtures are presented.
I. P. Nekrasova.
Procedure of Optimizating Calculations of Air Supply to Aerotanks Systems
The procedure of optimizing calculations of air supply to aerotanks system is described. The principle of minimization of total reduced expenditures in view of changes of key parameters of the system and economic factors is used as its basis.
S. E. Berezin, V. I. Bazhenov.
Submerged Propeller Pumps in Water Supply Systems
The peculiarities of design of pumping stations with submerged propeller pumps in water supply systems are presented.
V. V. Kuzmin, E. A. Timofeeva, D. V. Chunosov.
Evaluation of Negative Impacts Risk in Case of Urbanized Territories Inundation
The procedure of evaluation of risk of negative impacts in case of the urbanized territories inundation is considered.
D. I. Kucherenko.
Vacuum Cleaning of Heat Exchanging Equipment and Pipelines
The results of production tests of a method of vacuum cleaning of heat exchangers and pipelines from biological foulings and oil products are presented.
A. A. Batoeva, M. R. Sizykh, M. S. Khandarkhaeva, D. G. Aseev.
Local Treatment of Fur Production Wastewater
The perspective of the use of galvanochemical method for treatment of fur dyeing wastewater is presented.
L. G. Deryushev, G. M. Mironchik, A. S. Komarov.
Sewage Pressure Pipelines Laying Depth
The necessity of calculation of sewage pressure pipelines laying depth in accordance with requirements of SNiP 2.04.03-85 is considered.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 6 63

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