"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №11 2008

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In the Name of Pure Baltic 2


A. G. Pervov, V. N. Shvetsov.
The International Conference on Membrane Technologies in Moscow is a New Step towards Development of Home Produced Membranes
R. Sh. Neparidze.
Giprokommunvodokanal Institute: 80 Years
A. G. Pervov, A. P. Andrianov, D. V. Spitsov, V. V. Kondratiev.
Program for Technological Calculation of Nanofiltration Systems
The program of technological calculation of nanofiltration systems for potable and technical water supply has been developed on the basis of experimental works with the use of membranes produced by Saehan Co., South Korea. The program makes it possible to analyze the composition of water treated and to recommend optimal operation conditions in order to reach the preset water quality at minimal operating cost.
Key words: membranes, nanofiltration, ion concentration, pollution, inhibitors, reverse osmosis, potable water.
UDC 628.162:62-278.001.2
S. N. Dudnik, V. I. Demkin.
Sorption-Membrane Treatment of Boric Acid Solutions for Chloride-Ions
The results of research in treatment of boric acid for chloride-ions for the purpose of using it in coolants at atomic power stations with water-cooled power reactors are presented.
Key words: boric acid, treatment, electrodialysis, chlorideions, ion-exchange column, anionit.
UDC 628.349:62-278.621.039
A. B. Kozhevnikov, O. P. Petrosyan.
Automatic Dozing of Sodium Hypochlorite for Water Disinfection Systems
The systems of water disinfection on the basis of the Russian ejection batcher AXB-1000/P000-KЛ-ГХ and the system complexes of local automatics on the basis of the ELADOS EMP pumps including the systems of automatic regulation of sodium hypochlorite and other liquid reagents consumption used in water treatment technologies are considered.
Key words: water disinfection, sodium hypochlorite, ejection batcher, dosing pumps, automation.
UDC 628.162.8:66.028
P. A. Raff.
Improvement of Efficiency of Water Treatment at Filter Plant
The results of laboratory research in intensification of coagulation of the Vychegda and Staritsa Rivers water, the sources of water supply of Solvychegodsk railway station, are presented. On the basis of tests carried out it has been proved that in order to obtain potable water of standard quality the joint use of aluminium polyoxichloride coagulant and flocculant Praestol-650 TR is the most efficient method.
Key words: water treatment, turbidity, chromaticity, alkalinity, odor, iron concentration, coagulant, flocculant.
UDC 628.524.001.5
N. V. Vidyaykina, P. A. Khryapov.
Removal of Humus Compounds from Water in Electric Discharge Reactor
The results of research in removal of humus substances from water solutions and water in an electrical discharge reactor with steel granules are presented. A mechanism of humus substances removal consisting of partial oxidation, coagulation on iron hydroxides and cementation of electroerosion products of granules has been determined. It is proved that the efficiency of treatment for humus substances increases with the rise in pH. This method makes it possible to reduce energy expenditure by 3-3,5 times as compared with electrocoagulator with aluminium soluble electrodes.
Key words: humus substances, electric discharge reactor, steel granules, water treatment.
UDC 628.16.084.556.31
Clean Water: Is It Feasible? 45
Yu. G. Bagaev, V. D. Sokolov, V. S. Galdilov.
Experience in Rating of Municipal Wastewater Discharge into Water Objects
The experience in rating municipal wastewater discharge into water objects gained by administration and nature protection bodies of the Kemerovo Region is presented.
Key words: maximum permissible discharge, rating, wastewater treatment, water protection, polluting substances.
UDC 628.312.3
A. D. Lerner.
Once Again about Application of The Rules of Ascertainment and Determination of Standards of Municipal Service Consumption
The discussion of the article Application of The Rules of Ascertainment and Determination of Standards of Municipal Service Consumption published in the magazine is presented.
Key words: specific water consumption, standard, water accounting, leakages, losses, rate, device.
UDC 628.173
N. I. Kulikov, D. N. Kulikov.
Three-stage Technology of Biological Treatment of Municipal Wastewater
A technology of three-stage advanced biological treatment of municipal wastewater and its constructive realization in the form of block-module of treatment plant are proposed; it allows to reduce an area required for plant placing and specific power consumption for water treatment and sludge processing as well.
Key words: biological treatment, bioreactor, fibrous packing, aftertreatment, activated sludge.
UDC 628.356.63
A. F. Umitbaev.
Water Supply and Water Disposal in the City of Gelendzhik
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 11 72

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