"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №5 2008

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B. V. Khmelnikov, Yu. Yu. Zhirnov.
Application of The Rules of Establishment and Determination of Consumption Standards of Municipal Services
The comments and practical recommendations for application of The Rules of Establishment and Determination of Consumption Standards of Municipal Services are presented.


V. G. Nikolaev.
Control over Operating Conditions of Vane Pumps Group
The technological principles of control over operating conditions of vane pumps group are presented.
Optimization of Start-up Conditions of Well Pumps 20
A. V. Raskatov.
Decanters of the Flottweg AG Firm for Advanced Dewatering of Wastewater Sludge
The equipment of the German Firm Flottveg AG - horizontal settling screw centrifuges (decanters) designed for advanced dewatering of wastewater sludge is presented.
O. O. Muravleva, P. V. Tyuteva.
The Use of Energy Efficient Motors in Pump Adjustable Drive
The use of energy efficient asynchronous motors in adjustable electric drive of pump unit makes it possible to save electric power. A rise in the electric motor cost is compensated by improvement in energetic indices.
S. E. Berezin.
Optimization of Shape and Dimensions of Small Pumping Stations with Submerged Pumps
The results of research in selection of optimal configuration and dimensions of factory-assembled sewage pumping stations are presented; the principles of their design are formulated.
I. B. Tverdokhleb, A. V. Kostyuk, N. N. Sazhin, V. V. Zhuplov.
Hermetic Electric Motors for ETSV Well Pumps
The main design features of the hermetic electric motor for the well pump with improved parameters of reliability and improved efficiency are presented.


N. A. Zenitov.
Hydrodynamical Root-Cutters for Cleaning of Sewage and Rainwater Pipes
There is a review of modern canal-washing machines equipment designed for removal of root formations, solid sediments, and cloggings from sewage and rainwater pipes. The comparative characteristics of rotary canal-washing nozzles - hydraulic rootcutters of different designs manufactured by foreign and Russian firms are considered.
Yu. A. Krivenko.
Inspection of Screw Centrifuges for Assessment of Their Technical State
The inspection and examination of equipment for timely detection and elimination of defects are necessary to ensure its working capacity and trouble-free operation.
Yu. A. Galkin.
Concept of Treatment of Wastewater from Storm Sewerage of Ekaterinburg
The organization principles of treatment of surface wastewater (rain and melt) generated at the territory of large city with developed industrial complex are cited.
I. E. Semenov.
Autonomous Unit for Condensation of Fresh Water from Atmospheric Air
The results of an investigation into intensification of the process of fresh water obtaining from atmospheric air by means of condensation without energy expenditures practically and on an ecologically pure basis are considered. New design of the unit is proposed.
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