"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №10 2008

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S. V. Khramenkov.
Moscow Sewerage: a New Stage of Development
The main directions of development of water disposal system, one of the basic parts of the Moscow engineering infrastructure, are presented. The pressing questions of rational resources consumption, ensuring of public networks reliability, and improvement of human environment conditions as well are considered.
Key words: engineering infrastructure, sewerage system, water saving, water treatment facilities, sludge incineration, snow melting units, innovation technologies. UDC 628.2.001.12
A. N. Pakhomov, K. E. Khrenov, M. V. Bogomolov, T. O. Dudchenko, A. A. Pronin.
Modern Technologies and Equipment for Modernization of Sewerage Networks and Facilities
The experience of MSUE Mosvodokanal in the introduction of modern technologies and equipment during the reconstruction of gravity and pressure sewerage networks and modernization of power service with the aim to improve stability of sewerage facilities operation is described.
Key words: sewerage system, diagnostics, reconstruction, pipelines, glass-fiber plastic, polyethylene, polymer concrete modules, sag pipe, air relief cock. UDC 628.212.004.69
S. V. Khramenkov, A. N. Pakhomov, M. V. Bogomolov, D. A. Danilovich, O. V. Romashkin, E. I. Pupyrev, V. E. Koretsky.
Snow Removal Systems with the Use of City Sewerage
A technological process of snow treatment at snow-melting units thanks to the heat of wastewater supplied to snowreceiving plants and subsequent separation of sand and litter is described.
Key words: city economy, snow removal systems, atmospheric precipitation, anti-black ice reagents, snow-melting units, wastewater. UDC 625.768.55:628.312.004.1
D. A. Danilovich, A. A. Maksimova, E. I. Pupyrev.
Estimation of Volumes of Unorganized Wastewater Inflow into Sewerage System
A solution of quantitative estimation of unorganized inflow into the city sewerage on the basis of the analysis of climatic factors influence (Moscow as an example) is proposed. The methodology of calculation of volumes of surface and infiltration components of the inflow with regard to ecological and economic factors has been developed.
Key words: sewerage system, unorganized inflow, surface, infiltration, climatic factors, heavy showers, melting, calculation methodology. UDC 628.311
F. A. Dayneko, V. A. Mukhin, S. A. Streltsov, A. M. El.
Improvement of Straining Equipment for Waste water Treatment
Wastewater coming to treatment facilities contains coarsedispersed substances of various origin (domestic garbage, wool, paper et. al). Litter retaining grates are installed to provide reliable operation of treatment facilities equipment. The technical solutions aimed at the use of different types of litter retaining grates that are introduced at the Moscow treatment facilities have made it possible to protect the Moskva River against entering of small litter.
Key words: wastewater, coarse-dispersed admixtures, straining equipment, litter retaining grates, slotted screens, protection against pollution, treated water. UDC 628.334.1.002.37
D. A. Danilovich, M. N. Kozlov, O. V. Moyzhes, K. V. Shotina, B. A. Ershov.
Large-Scale Facilities for Biological Treatment of Wastewater with Removal of Biogenic Elements
A detailed analysis of the operation of the four technological lines of the Lyuberetskiye Treatment Facilities, where various technological and design solutions of organization of biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorous have been introduced, is presented. The experience of operation of aerotanks of different hydrodynamic profile demonstrates that as far as the wastewater with low concentration of organic compounds in the cities of Russia is concerned the plugflow bioreactors provide a more stable quality of treatment comparing with aerotanks with zones. The technological method of biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus with the use of plugflow aerotanks has been developed; it has been realized in the projects of reconstruction of Kuryanovskiye and Lyuberetskiye Treatment Facilities of 1 mil. m3/day total capacity.
Key words: removal of biogenic elements, nitrogen, phosphorous, nitrification, denitrification, Lyuberetskiye Treatment Facilities, phosphorous-accumulating organisms. UDC 628.35:661.5.63
O. V. Moyzhes.
Dynamic Model OxiD of Wastewater Biotreatment Facilities
The dynamic model OxiD of wastewater biotreatment facilities making it possible to solve problems of aerotanks operation in real conditions of unsteady quality of incoming wastewater is presented. OxiD simulates and calculates the processes of nitrification, denitrification, biological removal of phosphorus and oxidation of organic compounds.
Key words: model OxiD, dynamic simulation, removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, stochastic fluctuations, biological treatment, aerotank. UDC 628.35.001.57
D. A. Danilovich, M. N. Kozlov, O. V. Moyzhes, Yu. A. Nikolaev, A. G. Dorofeev.
Development of Perspective Biotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment
The perspective biotechnologies of urban wastewater treatment with the use of high dozes of sludge, media for aftertreatment, membrane sludge separators, oxygen-free oxidation of ammonium, aerobic biological treatment of digested sludge are considered; they can be used at the Moscow treatment facilities in the course of their reconstruction.
Key words: urban wastewater, treatment, nitrogen, phosphorous, floating media, Anammox, sludge doze, membrane bioreactors. UDC 628.35
S. V. Khramenkov, A. N. Pakhomov, D. A. Danilovich, S. M. Bakulin, V. N. Porshnev, A. V. Koverga, M. G. Khamidov.
Treatment of Water Treatment Plants Sludge
Long-term experience of the decision of a problem of treatment of MSUE Mosvodokanal's water treatment plants sludge is recounted. Effects of reception of sludge for treatment at treatment facilities of city sewerage are described. The results of pilot tests of a separate process of mechanical dewatering of water treatment plants sludge are presented; a flow chart of dewatering realized at the Eastern Water Treatment Plant is given.
Key words: water treatment plant, sludge treatment, urban wastewater, treatment facilities, mechanical dewatering. UDC 628.336.57:628.162.52
N. M. Shchegolkova, D. A. Danilovich, M. N. Kozlov, O. V. Moyzhes, V. Ya. Pushkar, M. L. Vladov, A. V. Starovoytov.
Influence of Filling with Treated Water on Ecological Condition of the Pekhorka River
During the last decades the ecological state of the Pekhorka River is defined by biotreated water whose portion in the total flow of the river amounts to about 90%. The retrospective evaluation of the river's ecological state has been made with the use of the archive data of the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise Mosvodokanal and hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological observations carried out during 2000-2007 as well. To evaluate the fish population state the fish forage reserve at the present river regime has been studied.
Key words: activated sludge, domestic runoffs, hydrologic regime, fish forage reserve, river ecosystem. UDC 628.515.001.5
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