"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №12 2008

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Yu. M. Luzhkov about Prohibition of the Use of Steel Pipes in Water Supply and Sewerage Networks of Moscow 4


E. I. Pupyrev.
Problems of Water Disposal in the Clean Water State Program
The Clean Water State Program is dedicated to the problem of water supply to the inhabitants of Russia for communal and domestic needs as well as to the problem of treatment of wastewater generated upto an ecologically admissible level. The conception of the Clean Water Program contains an analysis of the state of water supply and water disposal systems in Russia, forecast of the situation development, choice of aim indicators, description of variants of tasks solution, determination of the dates and stages of their realization, estimation of financial expenditure, description of the expected results of the Program implementation.
Key words: The Clean Water Program, water supply, water disposal.
UDC 628.1.3
About the course of preparation of the Clean Water State Program 12
Mosvodokanal - Denmark: a new stage of cooperation 14
A. K. Kinebas, E. D. Nefedova, L. P. Rusanova, A. V. Bekrenev.
Preconditions for Transition to the Use of Ammonium Sulphate for Disinfection of Potable Water with Chloramines
Theoretical principles of water disinfection with chloramination are considered. It is shown that the use of ammonium sulphate in technology of water chloramination processes a number of advantages over water solutions of ammonia. The optimal conditions of ammoniation of the Neva River water for water supply stations of St. Petersburg have been determined.
Key words: potable water , disinfection, chlorammination, ammonium sulphate, ammonium chloride, safety, water supply stations
UDC 628.16
V. A. Barsky, R. A. Bykanov, N. N. Dubrov.
Smooth Start of Pump High-Voltage Electric Motor
An operation of parametric starting device for ensuring smooth activation of a high-voltage electric motor of the pump for regulation of the water feed at water supply stations is described.
Key words: electric motor, pump, starting current, pressure, capacity, gate valve.
UDC 621.316.71
N. V. Vidyaykina.
Removal of Silicium in Electric Discharge Reactor
The results of research in removal of silicium from model solutions Na2SiO3 in the discharge reactor with steel granules are presented.
Key words: model solution, electic discharge reactor, steel granules, water treatment, adsorption.
UDC 628.16.084:556.31
S. G. Yurchenko, A. M. Budikova.
Operation Reliability of Flume Units in Water Supply and Water Disposal Systems
Problems of ensuring operation reliability of water supply and water disposal facilities having loess subsiding bases are considered. Empirical formulas developed as a result of statistical treatment of the tests' results and which take into account changeableness of loess soils as the bases for water supply facilities in the course of their soaking are given.
Key words: water-engineering works, loess spoil, subsiding base, flume, deformation, moisture content.
UDC 628.1.2:624.
D. E. Namyak, A. L. Zubko, Yu. I. Shtonda.
Sludge Dewatering at Sewage Treatment Works of the City of Simeiz
The information on technology of wastewater sludge dewatering with the use of a belt filter press installed at the sewage treatment works of the city of Simeiz is presented. It results in reduction of power consumption and flocculant expenditure, and in raising the efficiency of wastewater treatment.
Key words: sewage treatment works, mechanical dewatering, precipitating centrifuges, belt filter press, suspended substances, cake, supernate.
UDC 628.336.57
P. N. Zenitov.
Pump Amarex NS32 for Wastewater Transportation
The design of a new small-size pump Amarex NS32 for transfer of public service's wastewater is presented.
Key words: supply, head, pump, electric motor, impeller, reliability, safety.
UDC 629.293
In the Memory of Valentin Vasilievich Naydenko 49
Mobile Water Treatment 54


M. S. Pleshka, S. G. Bulkin.
Experimental Investigations of Solar Heat Pump Unit Operation
The design of a solar absorber of sheet-pipe type with pipes of rectangular section is presented. The results of experimental investigations of solar absorbers and principal scheme of combined solar heat pump unut with two tankaccumulators are listed.
Key words: solar absorber, heat pump, heat pump unit, heliosystem, transformation factor, heating and hot water supply system.
UDC 697.3.7:621.472.001.2
D. S. Malyshev.
Criteria for Choice of Combined Water Accounting Counters
The peculiarities of design, operation principle and some technical characteristics of the combined water accounting counters C3100 and C4000 are considered. Recomendations for choosing water accounting devices are given.
Key words: combined counter, water discharge account, pipeline pressure.
UDC 681.121


G. N. Gerasimov.
Wastewater Sludge Treatment
Methods of wastewater sludge treatment at the treatment facilities are described. The principles of work of the Degremon Co. (France) in the field of sludge treatment are presented.
Key words: wastewater, sludge, dry substance, utilization.
UDC 628.473.474.475.477
Index of the Articles Published in the Water Supply and Sanitary Technique Magazine in 2008 73
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 12 79

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