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UDC 628.292.004.69

Butko A. V., Posupon'ko S. V.

Optimization of wastewater pumping station operation


The operation of wastewater pumping stations requires attention and understanding of the life cycle of the facilities and equipment. As a rule, the facilities put into operation and designed for the calculated amount of wastewater for a long time cannot reach the rated capacity. This is due to more efficient drinking water consumption by the population, low rate of housing development and sale on the territories served by the wastewater pumping stations, reduction and even termination of wastewater discharge by the industrial enterprises. The method of studying the operation of the wastewater pumping stations, selecting the optimal parameters of the home-made pumping units is presented. The implementation of the optimized work schedule for three units with a rated capacity of 1400, 350 and 320 m3/h provided for reducing the number of turns-on of the pumping units and 23% energy saving. At the same time the changes in the work schedule of the downstream transfer wastewater pumping station and 10–12% reduction in the power consumption were registered. The actual cost payback period was less than one year.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.11.05
UDC 628.221

Volkov Sergei, Luk’ianchuk Maksim, Zhukova Anastasiia, Zhitenev A. I., Rublevskaya O. N., Erofeev Vasilii, IGNATCHIK V. S., Ignatchik S. Iu., Kuznetsova N. V.

Economic efficiency of measures to provide for the surface runoff disposal systems adaptation to changing climate conditions


The process of economic justification of measures to provide for the surface runoff disposal systems adaptation to the new operating conditions comes down to solving an optimization problem where the maximum economic effect is assumed as the optimization criterion in the form of the difference between the cost of prevented damage from flooding of territories during the periods of heavy rains and the costs of investment and operating activity. The justification of this approach is obvious, since from a stochastic point of view it is impossible to completely eliminate flooding. Accordingly, the estimation of the effectiveness of adaptation measures should be based on the comparison of costs and benefits. The key elements of such an estimation, along with the justification of effective engineering solutions for adaptation, is the determination of the number of floods for the estimated period of time and the damage expected from them, i. e., the damage function that is the sum of the products of the probabilities of damage and its cost. In the Russian Federation the approach that takes into account the probability of flooding, is unrealizable at the regulatory level, since at the stage of hydraulic calculations, the probability of exceeding the calculated rain intensity is taken into account rather than water outcrop. In addition, in domestic practice, as an engineering measure for the adaptation of wastewater disposal systems, the method of network upgrade is mainly used which is the most expensive one compared to other alternative methods. Therefore, the effectiveness of applying the method of network upgrade in combination with the introduction of elements of a «green» infrastructure and regulation of wastewater flows is analyzed using the example of a pilot wastewater drainage area.

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UDC 628.16.065

Kirsanov A. A., Egorova Yu. A., Erchev V. N., Dudarev V. A.

Economic Efficiency of the Use of Coagulant at the Pumping-Filter Station of the City of Samara


Results of the research in using the coagulant of aluminium polyoxychloride at the pumping-filter station № 1 of the city of Samara are presented. The technical and economic performance of the pumping-filter station № 1 are enhanced, working conditions are improved, amortization, energetic and other costs are reduced due to of simplification of chemical dosing workshop, release of equipment and mechanisms. In 2010 the general costs for chemicals were cut down by 16%. The combined scheme of water treatment with the use of aluminum sulfate and aluminum polyoxychloride enhances the stability of the treatment process of low-turbid water of the Saratov Reservoir.

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