Ekoton: 15 Years of Innovation

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UDC 628.336.57

Shtonda Yu. I., Zubko A. L.

Dewatering of Municipal Wastewater Sludge at Mobile Compact Complexes


The actual problem of reduction of volumes of wastewater sludge and areas allotted for them accordingly is considered. Specific complications at sewerage treatment facilities of the health resort cities of the water areas of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov connected with significant seasonal changes of volumes of incoming wastewater are described. The original economic method of sludge dewatering using the compact complex on the basis of a belt press filter ПЛ-6K manufactured by the SPF Ekoton is offered. The use of the compact complex of mechanical dewatering of sludge will make it possible to dewater both the sludge from municipal treatment facilities and from sewerage treatment facilities of groups of nearby settlements without necessity to construct separate shops of mechanical dewatering or transportation of large volumes of sludge to stationary shops.

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UDC 628.35

Matуushenko Evgeny, Gundyreva T. M.

Improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities with chemical phosphorus removal from reject water


The problems associated with the eutrophication of water bodies receiving effluents containing phosphorus in residual concentrations are described. The reasons for the most intensive phosphorus release into the intrasite sewage system during sludge processing are given. It has been established that the discharge of this wastewater into the head structures of wastewater treatment facilities leads to an increase in the nutrients loading (nitrogen and phosphorus), suspended solids, COD. The results of experimental studies on the selection of the optimal type and dosage of the chemical for the removal of phosphates from reject water generated during municipal wastewater sludge treatment are given. The purpose of the research is to find ways to remove phosphorus to eliminate the increase in phosphorus concentration in the receiving chamber observed as a result of reject water discharge from the sludge treatment facilities, and to ensure the wastewater treatment of the intrasite sewage system of the treatment facilities with minimal construction and operating costs as well as to produce reusable sludge. A process flow scheme of the nutrients removal from the wastewater of intrasite sewage system of the treatment facilities of Novosibirsk is proposed. The process provides for the sludge that after stabilization and decontamination can be used as organic fertilizer for industrial crops.

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