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UDC 628.345.1.001.2

Getmantsev S. V., Gandurina L. V., Sychev A. V.

Research in Coagulation Properties of AQUA-AURAT™18and Aluminium Sulphate at Independent and Combined Application


Results of the experimental studies on coagulation of pollutants of various types (suspended substances, dyes and humic substances) with coagulant AQUA-AURAT™18 and aluminium sulphate at combined application depending on their ratio and order of insertion in comparison with composite coagulant AQUA-AURAT™105 are presented. It is shown, that the combined use of aluminium sulphate and AQUA-AURAT™18 at consecutive insertion or in the form of composition intensifies the process of water treatment for suspended and dissolved acid substances (humates and acid dyes) comparing with the independent use of coagulants at a lesser or equal dose. The composite coagulant AQUA-AURAT™105 is more efficient for removal of suspended substances from wastewater than dissolved organic pollutants of acid type.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.06.08
УДК 544.526:628.169

Pilipenko Marina

Comparative analysis of photocatalysts from de-ironing plant wastes


The results of the synthesis of photocatalysts prepared from de-ironing plant wastes are presented. To improve the efficiency, iron-containing materials were doped with zinc, molybdenum, and lanthanum. For the synthesis, the method of solution combustion synthesis was chosen. Urea, citric acid and glycine in stoichiometric ratio were taken as reducing agents. The obtained samples were studied by X-ray phase analysis. The efficiency of the obtained materials was studied in the process of photocatalytic destruction of four dyes of different origin. Based on the results of the work, the optimal compositions and reducing agents used for their synthesis were determined.

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