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UDC 628.16.065.2

Alekseeva L. P.

Influence of Conditions of Formation and Composition of Filter Wash Water on the Process of Their Treatment


Results of the research in filter wash water treatment at different water supply stations are presented. Studies conducted and pre-design technological investigations make it possible to establish that compositions and properties of wash water at various water supply stations vary significantly and depend on the quality of influent water which may vary according to the seasons of the year as well as the technology of its treatment (types and dozes of reagent, operation conditions and conditions of the treatment facilities). It is established, that the efficiency of reagent-free clarification of wash water of various types depends on the content of mineral substances in them. Depending on the type of wash water, flocculants as well as coagulants together with flocculants can be used for their advanced reagent treatment.

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UDC 628.

Ganbarov E. S., Safarova A. S.

Treatment of Wash Water of Filters and Water Disinfection at Water Treatment Complexes of the Azerbaijan Republic


Results of studies carried out for determination of efficiency of clarification and investigation of influence of quantity and quality of the wash water supplied to a head of treatment facilities on the subsequent process of treatment are presented. For full disinfection of water it is proposed to use a disinfectant received by electrolysis of a solution of salts of alkaline metals and mineralized ground water directly at the territory of water treatment station.

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