DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.07.02
UDC 628.336.42:

SMIRNOV A. D., Belyak А. А.

More on testing granular filtering materials in accordance

with GOST R 51641-2000


Possible errors while determining the properties of filtering granular materials are laid down in GOST R 51641-2000 «Granular filtering materials. General specifications» because of the inaccuracies in the test methods. Based on the experience of NII VODGEO in performing tests of various filtering materials, suggestions on improving and adjusting these methods are presented that provide for obtaining reliable and reproducible results for the estimation of the physical and chemical properties of materials. To obtain actual reproducible results according to the main methods defined in GOST R 51641-2000, correcting the processes of sample preparation, determination of chemical resistance indicators and mechanical strength of the filter material is needed in accordance with the proposed recommendations. These proposals, based on the work experience in testing various filter materials (sand, zeolite, activated carbon, etc.), provide for obtaining reliable reproducible results that do not contradict the methods of GOST R 51641-2000.

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