“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №11 2007

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V. N. Shvetsov.
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V. L. Draginsky.
Natural Water Treatment: Critical Review of Publications in 2006-2007
The critical assessment of a series of articles devoted to the problem of natural water treatment and published in different publications in 2006-2007 is made.
S. N. Linevich, L. N. Fesenko.
The South Russia State Technical University: 100 Years


V. Yu. Los, V. G. Sleptsov, O. V. Kostenko
Experience in Introduction of Sewage Water UV Disinfection Channel Systems
The general arrangement of the channel systems of sewage water UV-disinfection is described. The features, perspectives and advantagesof UV units introduced by the Ecopolymer Group in Russia are considered.
V. S. Boldenkov, S. V. Volkov, S. G. Zaytseva, S. V. Kostyuchenko, M. E. Kuzmenko.
Experience in the Use of Casing and Channel Systems of Sewage Water UV Disinfection
It is told about practical application of casing and channel systems of sewage water UV disinfection as the most perspective industrial me thod.
V. N. Shvetsov, K. M. Morozova, M. Yu. Pushnikov, I. I. Smirnova.
Natural Water Treatment with Biosorption Membrane Method
The results of research in treatment of natural water of the Moskva and Yauza Rivers for anthropogenic substances (xenobiotics) with the biosorption-membrane method in comparison with traditional coagulation are presented. The biosorption-membrane technology makes it possible to reach the quality of treated water meeting the requirements of the Sanitary Rules and Norms for all main polluting components.
V. V. Potapov, G. M. Min, I. A. Kashutina.
Geothermal Power Station Wastewater Treatment for Silica with Coagulation
The mechanism of coagulation and deposition of colloidal silica with metal cations has been experimentally studied. On the basis of the results the principal technological scheme of geothermal power station wastewater treatment has been developed.
M. V. Michukova, A. V. Kanarsky, Z. A. Kanarskaya.
Investigation of Possibility of Daphnia Cultivation in Urban Biologically Treated Wastewater
Reproductive properties of water flea experimental population in biologically treated wastewater have been studied. The estimation of wastewater quality used for cultivation of water flea biomass and of the level of this biomass toxicity has been made.
Yu. M. Meshengisser, A. I. Shchetinin, B. Yu. Malbiev, M. A. Esin, O. Yu. Vavilov, N. V. Kiryakov,
O. A. Rozanov, E. V. Bykov.

Modernization and Reconstruction of the RAS Scientific Center's Wastewater Treatment Facilities (Chernogolovka)
The details of the project of modernization and reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities in the city of Chernogolovka, Moscow Reg., making it possible to use best the existing facilities and networks and to increase their output are presented.
N. V. Suykova, I. M. Markova, V. S. Borovkov.
Consolidation of Water Saturated Finely Divided Suspensions and their Transportation with Water Streams
The conditions of flocculation and consolidation as well as the rheological effects generated in finely divided water-soil media have been considered. The physical model on the basis of which the criterion conditions of lamination of water stream containing the finely divided suspension has been proposed. On the basis of laboratory and fullscale studies the dependencies for calculation of critical eroding speed and transporting property of water streams carrying the fine suspensions have been determined. The dependencies can be used for design of settling tanks, water disposal pipeline systems and for development of engineering-ecological measures aimed at polluted watercourse cleaning.


V. S. Speransky, I. V. Pinegina.
Wastewater Treatment at Roadside Feeding Enterprises
The necessity of construction of local treatment plants for treatment of wastewater from the roadside feeding enterprises are proved.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 11 56

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