“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №7 (part 1) 2007


S. V. Khramenkov.
70 Years of Work for Muscovites
It is told about the history of construction of the Canal named after Moscow and its importance to the existence of the city of many millions.
S. V. Khramenkov.
Strategy of Development of Water Supply and Water Disposal in Moscow till 2020
The strategy of development of water supply and water disposal in Moscow till 2020 is presented. The complex of measures aimed at improvement of water supply and water disposal systems will make it possible to provide the inhabitants with potable water of high quality, to reach the high level of wastewater treatment and significant saving of water resources, to improve ecological situation in the city.
V. M. Derevyago.
Normative and Legal Support of Vodokanals Activities in the Field of Water Supply and Water Disposal
The problems of normative and legal support of Vodokanals activities in the field of water supply and water disposal are considered.
V. N. Porshnev, A. Yu. Belov, E. G. Kalashnikova.
Ecological Conditions of Water Supply Sources of Moscow
The problems of anthropogenic development of water collecting areas influencing on ecological conditions of the water supply sources of Moscow are clarified.
V. N. Porshnev, O. E. Blagova.
Some Aspects of Water Quality Control
The experience of Mosvodokanal in the field of water quality con-trol in the system of centralized water supply based on surface water sources is generalized. The individual cases - control of water sources hydrological regime, efficient change of water treatment conditions at water treatment stations, multistage monitoring of water quality in the city distribution network - are considered.
S. V. Khramenkov, V. N. Porshnev, E. M. Priven.
Water Supply System of Moscow: the Current State of the Art and Development Perspectives
The current state of the art in the water supply system of Moscow and perspectives of its development are considered.
A. V. Koverga, V. N. Nuzhny, S. A. Alekseenkov, D. I. Domozhakov.
The Volga Source Water Quality and Water Treatment Features
The brief historical information about the creation of the Volga water supply system of Moscow is given. The problems of water quality of the Volga water source and different aspects of water treatment are considered; the perspective directions of development are clarified.
V. N. Porshnev, E. M. Priven,A. V. Bitiev.
Principles of Ensuring of Water Supply System Operation Reliability
The main criteria and methods of ensuring of the required reliability and quality of the Moscow water supply system operation are considered.
A. B. Kosygin, V. N. Khanin, I. V. Fomina.
Detection of Damaged Places at Pressure Pipelines
The instruments and techniques used by the Center of Technical Diagnostics of MSUE Mosvodokanal for detection of damaged places in water supply system are described.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 7 (part 1) 48

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