“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №2 2007


V. S. Alekseev.
Problems of Sustainable and Safety Water Supply due to Coming in Force of The Water Code of the Russian Federation
The problems of sustainable and safety water supply due to coming in force of The Water Code of the Russian Federation are considered.
E. I. Pupyrev.
Technological Regulations and Potable Water Quality
The results of analysis of peculiarities of the centralized water supply system to be taken into account when developing general and special regulations are presented. The possible consequences of the adoption of technical regulations for the systems of centralized water supply and potable water quality are considered. The proposals for preparation and execution of measures in the system of centralized water supply of Russia in connection with adoption of technical regulations are formulated.


G. V. Vorobyev, D. M. Budnitsky.
Payment for the Use of Water Object as Mechanism of Influence on Water Quality
The issues of payment for the use of water object as a mechanism of influence on water quality are considered.
The III International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Solution of the Problems of Water Management Systems of the City of Novosibirsk and other Cities of the Sibir Region" and the Seminar "Law and Economics in the Sphere of Housing and Public Services" 18
A. D. Lerner.
On the Problem of Application of "The Rules of Development and Determination of Consumption Norms of Public Services (Water Supply, Water Disposal)"
The remarks of the Far Eastern enterprise Rosvodokanal on "The Rules of Development and Determination of Consumption Norms of Public Services (Water Supply and Water Disposal)" approved by the government are presented.


A. I. Arefiev, L. P. Bezzateeva.
Ecological Aspects of Drop Priming from Cooling Towers
The ecological aspects of drop priming from cooling towers due to the adoption of new standard specifications regulating the content of harmful substances in atmospheric air of working zone and settlements are considered.
V. N. Shvetsov, K. M. Morozova, I. I. Smirnova, M. Yu. Semenov, M. L. Lezhnev, G. G. Ryzhakov, Krasnov A. A.
Technological Efficiency of Biomedia Produced by Tekhvodpolimer Co. Ltd
The technological efficiency of biomedia blocks produced by Tekhvodpolimer Co. Ltd. has been studied.
A. V. Selyukov, S. V. Chekmareva, V. D. Masly, Yu. I. Skurlatov.
Deferrization of Ground Water with the Use of Hydrogen Peroxide
The results of the laboratory research and pilot tests on the use of hydrogen peroxide for deferrization of ground water conducted at the operating water intake are presented. The high efficiency of proposed technique is shown. The received data have been used in the course of reconstruction of the treatment facilities of the city of Novy Urengoy.
The series of new measuring modules convenient for the users with a wide range of additional technical potentialities has been developed 44
D. Tamer.
Mechanical and Heat Treatment of Wastewater Sludge
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 2 48

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