“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №5 2007


The Water Supply Congresses of Russia: from Age to Age (Resolution of the XV Congress of RAWSWD) 2


M. I. Alekseev, Yu. A. Ermolin.
Determination of Object's Reliability Indices at Seasonally Changing Intensity of Failures
The procedure of calculation of reliability indices of an object subjected to the failures flow with seasonally changing intensity is proposed. Provided that the estimations of the object life cycle are equal the expression for intensity of equivalent stationary failures flow replacing the real one is derived. The examples of calculation are given; its results are considered from the standpoint of practical application of this method.
A. G. Pervov, A. P. Andrianov, Yu. V. Kozlova, N. B. Motovilova.
New Technologies of Surface Water Treatment with the Use of Nanofiltration
The new treatment technology of water taken from the surface water sources and containing suspended and organic substances, without pretreatment and with the use of roll membrane apparatus with open channel, has been developed.
N. N. Verkhoshentseva, G. I. Davletshina.
Use of Ultrafiltration for Production of High Quality Industrial and Process Water
The experience in the use of the ultrafiltration unit for production of industrial and process water from surface source at the Magnitogorsk metallurgical plant is described.
I. A. Bogatyreva, A. E. Nedachin, G. S. Zhdanov.
Use of Track Membranes for Sanitary and Bacteriological Analysis of Water
The results of experimental proof of the possibility of track membranes application for sanitary and bacteriological analysis of water are presented.
O. A. Pislegina, L. V. Gandurina.
Efficiency of the Use of Coagulating and Flocculating Compositions for Wastewater Treatment
The properties and efficiency of the use of binary compositions on the base of available reagents - AQUA-AURAT aluminium oxychloride and Praestol cation flocculants - for wastewater treatment for water emulsion and paint and varnish materials have been studied.
V. A. Lgotin, O. G. Savichev.
Assessment of Permissible Discharges of Polluting Substances into Marshlands of the Tomsk Region
The condition of marshlands in the middle part of the Ob River basin and conditions of their use for water disposal with the aim to develop the procedure of calculation of maximum-permissible dis-charges have been studied. The procedure is incorporated in the unified complex of determinations for rationing of harmful impacts on the water bodies of the Russian Federation.


A. D. Oger, V. A. Rodin.
Selection of Drawing Units Capacity at Reconstruction of Sewage Collector
The experience in reconstruction of the gravity sewage collector in the city of Yaroslavl by the method of static forcing through is described. The calculated and actual diagrams of dependences of polyethylene modules' drawing forces on the length of collector's section and characteristics of rocks are given.
Yu. A. Krivenko.
Organization of Repair of Worm Centrifuges for Treatment Facilities
The recommendations to using organizations on capital repair of worm centrifuges, separators, centripresses of European and domestic producers are given.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 5 48

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