“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №6 (part 1) 2007


S. V. Khramenkov, A. N. Pakhomov, D. A. Danilovich, M. N. Kozlov, O. V. Moyzhes,
A. G. Dorofeev, N. M. Shtchegolkova.

The Results of the First Decade of the Engineering and Technological Center on Sewerage Problems of MSUE Mosvodokanal 's Activities
The results of the first decade of activity of the Engineering and Technological Center on Sewerage Problems of the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise (MSUE) Mosvodokanal, the leading native organization in the field of research, developments and industrial introduction of advanced technologies at the water supply and sewerage enterprises, are summed up
E. M. Kryuchikhin, A. N. Nikolaev, N. A. Zhilnikova, N. Yu. Bolshakov.
Technological Innovations in the Field of Wastewater Treatment
The ways of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater and the methods of their intensification are described. The results of technology introduction at the treatment facilities of St. Petersburg and Pskov are presented.
A. A. Kunakhovich.
Biological Wastewater Treatment Station of Container Type for Northern Territories
The technical solutions developed for biological treatment of the shift settlements wastewater at the Northern territories are presented.
V. G. Ponomarev, D. A. Ponomarev.
Inspection and Setting Up of Filters in the System of Wastewater Treatment
It is told about inspection and setting up of filters used in the system of industrial wastewater treatment, the recommendations for regeneration of filter media are given.
I. P. Nekrasova.
Consideration of Economic Trends when Calculating the Air Supply Systems
The economic trends and analytic dependences necessary for correction of maintenance cost for electric power and repair and renovation works when calculating the air supply systems of biological wastewater treatment facilities are presented.
K. E. Khrenkov, M. V. Bogomolov, L. F. Skryabin, V. N. Shtoporov.
Automation of Sewage Pumping Stations of Moscow
Works on the improvement of automation systems of sewage pumping stations of Moscow with the use of modern information technologies have been carried out.
S. E. Berezin.
Peculiarities of Dry Installation of Submersible Units at Pumping Stations
The advantages of wet installation of submersible units comparing with dry installation at pumping stations are considered. The recommendations for design of dry installation of pumps are given.
E. I. Pupyrev.
Review of "Technical Handbook on Water Treatment"
B. M. Grishin, S. Yu. Andreev.
Vortex Hydrodynamic Devices for Intensification of City Sewage Treatment Works Operation
It is told about introduction of the technology of wastewater pretreatment in vortex hydrodynamic devices at the sewage treatment works.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 6 (part 1) 48

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