“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №3 2007


A. F. Poryadin.
Pages of History of Russian Water Service Congresses
It is told about public scientific and technical movement in the field of water supply and water disposal.


A. G. Kudryashov, S. B. Zakkheev, S. A. Karpova, S. V. Baranov.
Water Disinfection Stations on the Basis of Membrane Electrolytic Units
The analysis of one of the modern methods of water disinfection with the help of electrolytic units is made. The main principles and elements of technology are considered. The technical and economic evidences of the method efficiency are presented.
V. V. Tarakanov, M. I. Kuznetsov, A. B. Rinkevich, K. N. Shutov, R. P. Patserkovsky.
Restoration of Operational Properties of Water Wells by Method of Ultrasonic Influence
Aspects of the practical use of the method of ultrasonic influence for the treatment of water wells are considered.
L. T. Dashibalova, A. A. Batoeva.
Deferrization and Demanganization of Ground Water of the Baykal Natural Territory
The technology of oxidizing-reagent deferrization and demanganization of ground water for potable water supply of the Baykal Natural Territory is described.
V. A. Berdyshev, D. G. Zverev.
Practice of Ground Water Treatment by Nonreagent Method
The flow chart of ground water treatment for potable water supply system of the city of Kogalym is presented.
A. A. Otstavnov, E. V. Orlov, I. S. Khantaev.
Definition of Repair Priority Sections of Water Supply and Water Disposal Systems
The factors and extent of their influence on pipelines efficiency are presented; they make it possible to detect the priority sections for repair and reconstruction of the network
Zh. M. Govorova, Liu Che.
Clarification and Sorption Filters for Nonreagent Treatment of Surface Water
The experience in the use of clarification and sorption filters for the nonreagent treatment of surface water at one of the objects of China is described.
S. Yu. Andreev.
Mathematical Simulation of Aeration Process
The theoretical model of determination of oxidizing ability of the pneumatic aeration systems is presented.
Yu. I. Shtonda, A. L. Zubko.
Experience in Processing and Dewatering of Wastewater Sludge at the Sewerage Facilities of the City of Alushta
The experience in the processing and dewatering of sludge produced at the sewerage facilities of Alushta is presented.
M. G. Khamidov.
Experience of Treatment of Water Line Sludge at Sewerage Treatment Facilities
The experience in the treatment of water supply stations sludge at the sewerage treatment facilities is presented.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 3 48

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