“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №4 2007


Ozonia Co. Ltd.: 10 years 2
A. V. Chepurnov.
Ozonization Equipment of Ozonia
The ozonization equipment produced by Ozonia Co. Ltd. is presented.
S. Bayg, G. Vetstsi.
Improvement of AT-technology of Ozone Synthesis
The factors affecting the method of ozone production and advantages of AT-technology of ozone synthesis are given.
R. Kelly, B. Ferran, A. V. Chepurnov.
Equipment of Degrémont Technologies - Ozonia for UV-disinfection of water
The equipment of Degrémont Technologies - Ozonia Co. for UV-disinfection of water is presented.
A. Brean, K. Glusina, F. Gegen, K. Langle.
Complex Approach to Problem of Fouling of Ultrafiltration Membranes and Water Quality Control
The complex approach to the solution of the problem of reduction in the fouling of ultrafiltration membranes used for potable water preparation is offered.
A. K. Strelkov.
The Conference Dedicated to the Memory of Sergey Vasilievich Yakovlev, Academician of RAS
B. E. Ryabchikov.
Review of the Book Ozonization in Processes of Water Treatment by V. L. Draginsky, L. P. Alekseeva, V. G. Samoylovich
L. P. Alekseeva, V. L. Draginsky.
Ozonization in Natural Water Treatment Technology
The advantages of ozonization, the most efficient method of water treatment for organic compounds of the natural and anthropogenic origin and water disinfection as well, are considered.
V. G. Samoylovich, V. L. Draginsky.
Perspective Designs of Ozonizers
The directions of improvement of the ozonizers are offered, their perspective designs and recommendations for the consumers on the choice of modern ozonization equipment are presented.
V. V. Solntsev, Ya. M. Shafit, A. V. Romashkin, V. I. Shuvalov, M. V. Surikov.
Use of Ozonization Equipment of Ozonia Co. Ltd. for Far North Natural Water Treatment
The operation of water treatment stations using the ozonization equipment of Ozonia Co. under conditions of the Far North is described.
S. E. Alekseev.
Improvement of Reactors for Water Ozonization
The results of research on the improvement of reactors for water ozonization are presented.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 4 48

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