“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №6 (part 2) 2007
V. I. Steblevsky.
Khabarovsk Vodokanal: 100 Years
The formation and development stages of Vodokanal, the municipal enterprise of the City of Khabarovsk, celebrating its 100th anniversary are desbribed.
V. K. Khartling, L. A. Nechaeva, O. N. Sadovnikova.
Automation of Management of Vodokanal's Financial and Economic Activities
It tells about the introduction of the Galaktika Complex System of Management Automation at Khabarovsk Vodokanal.
V. F. Forikov, K. V. Domnin.
Investment Program of Development of Communal Infrastructure
The information on the investment program of the engineering infrastructure development of Khabarovsk is given.
L. F. Konoshenko.
Tariff Regulation at Enterprise
The problems of tariff regulation in the field of service provided by housing and public utilities are considered.
L. D. Terekhov, G. I. Volovnik, G. P. Chaykovsky.
Vodokanal - FESCURR: Half a Century of Fruitful Cooperation
It tells about cooperation between Khabarovsk Vodokanal and the Far East State University of Rail Roads in the field of research and specialist training in water supply and water disposal.
A. N. Makhinov, M. N. Shevtsov.
Organization of Complex Monitoring of Water Intake Facilities of Khabarovsk
It's told about the necessity of creation of the permanent monitoring post at the Amur near the water intakes of Khabarovsk.
L. S. Panina, O. V. Kulinich.
Control of Water Quality of Water Supply Source with Trans-Border Pollution
The problems of water treatment and potable water quality control when using the water supply source (the Amur) with trans-border pollution are considered.
K. V. Domnin, E. B. Arkhipova, S. R. Shterner, S. L. Luzgin.
Optimization of Water Treatment Technological Process at Water Supply Facilities of the City of Khabarovsk
It tells about introduction of control-and-measuring and operating modules of automatic coagulant batching at the water supply treatment facilities.
K. V. Domnin, E. E. Arkhipova, D. S. Aleshko, E. V. Dunaevskaya, Yu. A. Kuzminova,
M. M. Gerasimov, A. D. Smirnov.

Providing the Inhabitants with Potable Water of High Quality under Emergency Conditions
The procedure of potable water preparation under extraordinary conditions of water source contamination with toxic substances has been developed; an appropriate technological scheme has been selected.
K. V. Domnin, E. E. Arkhipova, I. S. Samchuk, D. S. Aleshko, E. V. Dunaevskaya, A. D. Smirnov, M. M. Gerasimov, A. A. Belyak.
New Technologies of the Amur Water Treatment for Anthropogenic Pollution
To increase efficiency of water treatment at the Khabarovsk treatment headworks the technology based on the use of thin-layered modules, self-cleaning filters and membrane ultrafiltration in the settling basins has been offered.
V. V. Kulakov, V. I. Steblevsky.
Perspective of the Use of Ground Water for Khabarovsk Water Supply System
The possibility of the use of ground water for of Khabarovsk water supply system is considered. The results of study ofground water deferrization and demanganization in the aquifer by the VYREDOX method is considered.
V. N. Sokolov.
Creation of United City Automated System of Engineering Services
It's told about the stages of creation of the united automated system of water supply and water disposal networks based on the use of geoinformation system.
V. V. Fursov.
Metrological Provision for Measurements of Water Resources Consumption
The creation of water consumption control division at the Khabarovsk Vodokanal made possible the metrological control of water resources measuring means.
A. D. Lerner, S. V. Boyko.
On Rational Use of Potable Water by Inhabitants
It has been found that the water consumption by housing stock of the Far East cities exceeded the standards largely because of considerable leakages inside the houses. To provide water saving and eliminate water losses it's necessary to work out the complex programs of modernization and development of controlling means at the water supply facilities and for users.
N. K. Grishko, A. P. Usachev.
Use of Frequency Converters in the System of Water Supply Pumping Stations Automation
It's told about the introduction of automated control systems with the use of frequency converters at the water supply pumping stations of Khabarovsk.
V. I. Balyuk, G. F. Bakumenko.
Operation of Sewage Pumping Station
The reconstruction of sewage pumping stations of the Khabarovsk Vodokanal has been made. The use of new technologies and automation of operating processes have reduced the expenditures and improved the efficiency of water disposal system operation.
R. I. Eroshenko, V. A. Krivosheev.
Automation and Introduction of Dispatcher System at Water Supply and Water Disposal Pumping Stations
The concept of automated control and dispatcher control of operation of water supply and water disposal systems pumping stations of Khabarovsk has been worked out.
M. N. Shevtsov, M. O. Nosenko.
Peculiarities of Khabarovsk Water Supply Facilities Sludge Treatment
It's told about the peculiarities of treatment of sludge created at the treatment facilities of water supply system of Khabarovsk.
K. V. Domnin, G. A. Kireev, L. D. Terekhov, M. I. Korobko.
Optimization of Sludge and Activated Sludge Dewatering at Sewage Treatment Facilities of Khabarovsk
The results of study of efficiency of the use of flocculants for improvement of wastewater sludge and activated sludge dewatering process and increase in sludge beds output are given.
G. N. Ganin, K. V. Domnin, E. E. Arkhipova, V. A. Sapozhnikov, N. N. Kiseleva.
Utilization of Wastewater Sludge by Ecological Biotechnology Method
The experience of the Khabarovsk Vodokanal in utilization of wastewater sludge by the method of ecological biotechnology making it possible to use composted sludge in green construction, for biological recultivation of destructed lands and restrictedly in agriculture is considered.
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