“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №7 (part 2) 2007


F. V. Karmazinov, A. K. Kinebas, A. V. Bekrenev, E. K. Suleymanova, S. V. Kholodkevich,
A. V. Ivanov.

Experience in Operation of Water Quality Biomonitoring System in St. Petersburg
The experience in operation of water quality biomonitoring stations sited at the water intake facilities of the St. Petersburg's water supply stations is generalized. The directions of improvement of technical means allowing an increase in the reliability of biomonitoring station operation are identified. It is shown that the use of the 7-channel photoplethysmograph eliminates practically the possibility of false coming into action of the water quality biomonitoring system through individual features of test-animals activity during twenty-four hours.
A. B. Zhebrun, V. V. Malyshev, L. A. Kaftyrova, K. B. Fridman, A. K. Kinebas, S. A. Vinogradov,
M. А. Belova.

Ensuring of Epidemiological Safety of Potable Water in St. Petersburg
The results of sanitary-virologic studies of water safety in St. Petersburg have shown that after improvements in potable water treatment technology its quality corresponds to the established requirements.
M. D. Probirsky, A. A. Sozinov.
Evolution of St. Petersburg's Fountains
The history of evolution of fountains in St. Petersburg and their current state of the art are described.
S. N. Volkov, I. G. Chebrova, S. A. Beskhlebnaya.
TP ACS at Water Supply Treatment Facilities of the City of Kronshtadt
The automatic control system over the water treatment technological process at the water treatment facilities of Kronshtadt making possible the maintenance of the required level of operating reliability and ecological safety is presented.
E. M. Protasovsky, B. G. Mishukov, E. A. Solovieva.
Operation Experience of Sestroretsk Sewerage Treatment Facilities
The operation experience of the Sestroretsk sewerage treatment facilities is presented; the treatment conditions are given.
T. V. Perednya, T. I. Lysova.
Problems of Wastewater Quality Standardization in the Light of Nature Preservation and Water Legislation Reform
The problems of quality standardization of wastewater discharged by the water supply and sewerage enterprises into water objects when reforming the nature and water legislation are considered.
A. F. Mezentsev.
Modeling of Water Disposal System in St. Petersburg
It is told about the development and adjustment of hydraulic models of the St. Petersburg's main basins of water disposal used by specialists for calculations and selection of optimal strategies of water disposal system management.
F. V. Karmazinov, A. P. Zaytsev, V. A. Martyugin, Yu. A. Vyazmin.
Water Discharge and Quantity Measuring in Water Disposal System of the SUE Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga
The experience gained by the specialists of the Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) in the field of meas-urement of wastewater discharge and quantity in the water disposal systems is presented. The recommendations for creation of recording points and selection of measurement means are given.
K. G. Neyaskin, V. I. Makhorin, V. M. Vasiliev.
Discharge Regulation Unit as One of the Most Important Elements of Inverted Siphon
The regulation unit of wastewater transported to the Northern treatment facilities of St. Petersburg positioned at the tunnel sewer in the form of 2-line inverted siphon deepened at 45-80 meters is presented.
A. N. Belyaev, A. I. Dyuk, M. V. Knat'ko, E. V. Shcherbakova.
Technological Line for Utilization of Sludge Burning Ash
The technology of utilization and complex processing of all types of wastes at the aeration station of the SUE Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga's Rightbank Vodokanal and dewatered sludge of water supply station as well is presented.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 7 (part 2) 48

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