“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №8 2007


A. V. Golovachev, D. V. Kramar, E. M. Abrosimova.
About a Nature Protection Role of Vodokanals
Activity of the self-adjustable organization of the Russian Association of Water Supply and Water Disposal under the decision of questions of wildlife management by Vodokanals is presented.


L. M. Vasilyak, N. N. Kudryavtsev, S. V. Kostyuchenko, M. E. Kuzmenko, S. G. Zaytseva,
A. D. Smirnov.

Application of Ultrasound for Disinfection of Water
It is shown, that application of ultrasound for disinfection of water in municipal systems is impossible, as there are no criteria of the control of this process and the normative documents regulating its use. Besides, power expenses by some thousand times exceed expenses of energy at ultraviolet irradiation.
A. K. Kinebas, L. P. Rusanova, G. N. Ivanov.
Mobile Unit for Modelling the Process of Potable Water Purification
The design of the mobile unit allowing to investigate filtering materials and to choose the most perspective kind of media for treatment of water from a concrete source is described.
E. I. Apukhtin, V. P. Bobrusev, V. G. Teslya.
Reconstruction of Water Wells in Carbonate Collectors
It is told about reconstruction of water wells in the city of Orel with installation of more reliable import pumping units possessing high motor potential at more rigid restriction in mechanical particles content in pumped out water.
A. V. Labunsky.
Waterproofing and Anticorrosive Protection
New anticorrosive compositions Vector which increase service life of water engineering constructions, equipment, metal, concrete structures and enhance their safety under complex conditions of operation are presented.
V. M. Medvedeva.
Sorbtion Treatment of Wastewater from Railway Transport Enterprises
A technology of treatment of industrial wastewater containing oil products and heavy metals is offered. The treatment facilities include filters with activated alumino-silicate adsorbent media, which enables to bring the parameters of water being treated to the required norms of maximum permissible concentration.
Yu. B. Mamontov, A. V. Kravchenko.
Intensification of Sludge Beds Operation
Research in intensification of sludge beds operation by means of preliminary reagents conditioning has been carried out at the sewer treatment facilities of the city of Khmelnitsky. Comparison of coagulants and flocculants of various types is presented, the most effective reagents and their rough optimum dozes have been determined.
S. V. Morozov, E. A. Silyakova.
Sludge Processing at Aeration Stations of the Cities of Kronstadt and Pushkin
The use of highly effective technologies, constructions and equipment at the sewer treatment facilities of Southwest Vodokanal, a branch of the State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga, has enabled to reduce the volume, weight, humidity of sludge and areas used for storage of dewatered sludge.


M. M. Butusov.
Manufacture of Phosphorus Fertilizers from Ashes Produced in the Course of Sludge Burning
In filters of dry gas purification of the furnaces applied to thermal processing of sludge by burning the ashes are formed. The firm ASH DEC has developed the technological process of conversion of these ashes into phosphor containing nutritious additives for soil.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 8 48

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