“Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Magazine, CONTENTS №9 (part 2) 2007


E. I. Pupyrev.
The Water Code of the Russian Federation and Development of Technical Regulation System
An attempt is made to analyze systemically the Water Code and the Law On Technical Regulation and to assess their impact on water management quality in Russia.
V. V. Petrashkevich.
Testing of Conic Two-Chamber Fish Protection Facility
The results of hydraulic-biologic tests demonstrate high reliability of the conic two-chamber fish protection facility.
A. S. Kopylov.
Modern Methods of Complex Design of Waterside Ground Water Intakes
The modern methods of complex design of waterside ground water intakes are considered.
E. Yu. Borovitskaya.
Analysis of Ground Water Monitoring Results
The results of monitoring during the whole period of water intakes operation, as applied to situations associated with sharp lowering of ground water levels and reduction in water wells output prior to taking a decision about new wells drilling are analyzed.
V. G. Chvyrev, A. F. Karniz, M. V. Semenov.
Potable Water Disinfection under Extreme Situations
The experience in potable water disinfection with the help of small electrolysis units to provide temporary water supply under extreme situations is presented.
S. M. Galkin
Treatment Facilities of the WAVIN-Labko OY Co. (Finland)
The experience of the Finnish firm WAVIN-Labko OY, a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, in cooperation with Russian enterprises is presented.
I. A. Ivleva, L. S. Alekseev, A. V. Boldin.
Barrier Functions of Ground Water Treatment Technologies for Domestic Purposes
Possibilities of the use of modern water treatment methods as the best accessible technologies for treatment of ground water buried at rather small depth (up to 120-140 m) in the systems of domestic water supply are analyzed.
A. N. Belevtsev, S. A. Baykova, V. I. Zhavoronkova, N. N. Melnikova, V. I. Nosenko.
Evaluation of Efficiency of the Use of Ground Brucite Aquamag for Water Treatment Technologies
The results of laboratory tests (conducted at the NII VODGEO Co.) of chemical and physical properties of two fractions of ground brucite Aquamag used as a reagent for removal of different chemical substances from natural and waste water are presented.
L. Styazhkova.
Perm Sewerage System: 90 Years
The history of creation and development of the sewerage system of the city of Perm is presented.
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 9, part 2 48

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