DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.06.02
UDC 628.164

Kasatochkin A. S., Larionov S. Iu., Panteleev Aleksei, Riabchikov Boris, Shilov Mikhail

Development of a dynamic water softening system – DSS


Underground water sources with a high concentration of hardness salts are often used for drinking water supply. The known methods of softening result in the formation of a significant amount of liquid and solid waste – saline wastewater or sludge that cannot be subject to utilization. Chemical softening of drinking water in clarifiers is rarely used due to the difficulty of preparing chemicals, maintaining the required and constant water temperature, to the complexity of installations and their maintenance. Since the 1990s, the technology of chemical softening in intensified reactors (vortex and in a blanket) has been widely used in drinking water supply. Such apparatuses have been widely used in Europe and the USA. Currently, Mediana-Filter Research and Production Company, JSC has been working on the development and study of this reactor type. They have a high specific capacity – 50–100 m3/(m2·h) and are much easier to maintain compared to clarifiers. The capacity of such equipment reaches thousands of cubic meters per hour. Their main advantage is the absence of liquid discharges, generation of solid waste, which can be subject to utilization, as well as an almost 100% yield of
clean water.

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