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UDC 628.33

Gandurina L. V., Kvitka L. A., Nikitin R. A., Ansimov A. D.

Effect of dispersion characteristics of suspended solids
on the parameters of surface runoff treatment


Quantitative and dispersion characteristics of insoluble pollutants in rainfall and snow-melt water and its effect on the parameters of removing pollutants from water by sedimentation, chemical free and chemical filtration are considered. It is shown that the concentration of suspended solids in surface runoff multiply exceeds the concentration of oil products whereupon these pollutants are present in the form of two-component particles. In the particles oil products or inorganic admixtures can be adsorbed components, and during sedimentation of surface runoff suspended solids and oil products are being removed synchronically. The concentration and kinetic consistency of suspended solids from residential areas are lower than those from highways; which reduces the sedimentation time in the storage settling tank and concentration of pollutants in settled water. During 1–3 days of settling tank empting monotonic reduction of suspended solids concentration in settled water before filtration occurs. Fluctuation range depends on the sedimentation time in the settling tank, initial suspended solids concentration and tank empting time. The use of coagulants before filtration of settled surface runoff from highways provides for improving the treatment efficiency and obtaining sustained quality of filtered water.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.05.10
UDC 628.169

Kofman V. Ya.

Water sludge: composition, properties, disposal in wastewater treatment (a review)


Advanced water treatment schemes are inevitably associated with water sludge generation, the volume of which becomes a separate problem that is comparable to the scale of the actual production of drinking water. In this regard, utilization of water sludge is considered today as a priority task in the research and ​​development in this area. Based on the results of almost thirty years of studies, the main areas of potential use of water sludge have been identified; one of them being water and wastewater treatment. The results of numerous studies evidence the perspectiveness of using water sludge as an adsorbent of phosphates, arsenic, and also heavy metals: Cu, Cd, Cr, Co, Pb, Hg, Zn, Ni, V, Mo, Ga, and Se. Under the conditions of pilot tests, studies were conducted on the extraction of coagulants from water sludge, and on the direct use of water sludge as a coagulant, as well as on its use for enhancing excess activated sludge dewatering. Using water sludge in the foundation of bioengineering facilities, as well as a catalyst for the activation of persulfate and peroxomonosulfate in the destruction of organic micropollutants in the aquatic environment also made good results.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.09.05
UDC 628.345.1

Egorova Yu. A., Stepanov S. V., Nesterenko O. I., Strelkova T. A.

Study of the chemical removal of phosphorus at the municipal wastewater treatment facilities of the Samara urban district


The parameters of the chemical removal of phosphorus from wastewater in Samara have been determined. The studies were carried out by the method of trial coagulation of raw wastewater, primary effluent and mixed liquor from the aeration tanks. It was found that at the same doses of the chemical, the enhanced removal of phosphorus occurs from the sludge mixture. While using aluminum sulfate, the removal of phosphorus phosphates was enhanced by 0.3–1.6 mg/l more than while adding Aqua-Aurat-30TM aluminum polyoxychloride, depending on the initial concentrations. The concentration of residual aluminum in the effluent while using Aqua-Aurat-30TM was on average 8% lower than while using aluminum sulfate – 0.168–0.221 mg/l versus 0.173–0.274 mg/l. Comparative results of the chemical coagulation with the use of flocculants and without them showed that additional dosing flocculant did not result in an increase in the efficiency of phosphorus removal. It was determined that to achieve above 85% treatment efficiency at a phosphorus-phosphate concentration in the mixed liquor of 3.7–5.2 mg/l, a 1.3–1.8-fold excess of aluminum sulfate was required, and at lower concentrations of 1.23– 1.87 mg/l, this efficiency was achieved only with a 3.1–5-fold excess of the chemical. The research results were used in the project of upgrading a tertiary treatment plant at the Samara wastewater treatment facilities, that provided for the chemical removal of phosphorus in addition to the enhanced process of biological removal of phosphorus. The accepted calculated dose of aluminum sulfate 10 mg/l for a commercial product will reduce the concentration of phosphates after the main stage of biological treatment from 0.53 to 0.2 mg/l.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.01.02
UDC 628.1:006.3:66-926

Samburski Georgi, Ustinova O. V., Leont’eva S. V.

Specific features of standardization of chemicals
for the preparation of drinking water (through the example of polyaluminium chloride coagulant)


Coagulation process has been a widespread process technology for removing coarse suspended impurities from water, as well as colloidal organic contaminants present in dissolved form. Polyvalent metal salts are effective coagulants for the systems with aqueous disperse medium. The purpose of the work was developing a new state standard to provide for a uniform assessment of the quality of coagulants. The scope of coagulants in the process of water treatment is considered and their comparative analysis is carried out. The general requirements to the control of polyaluminium chloride quality are formulated. The developed and approved new national standard GOST R 58580-2019 «Polyaluminium chloride. Technical conditions» is presented that takes into account the requirements of sanitary legislation, technical regulation, safety of the processes of production and transportation of polyaluminium chloride.

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