DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.02.05
UDC 628.32:22.765

Semin M. M., Tokarev Nikolai, Iavtushenko Marina, Lobanov Fedor, Chukalina Tat’iana, Plekhanov A. V.

Use of a chemical regulator at the wastewater treatment facilities operated by MUE Vodokanal of Podolsk


Possible use of natural minerals based on calcium carbonate (monocalcite) to correct pH (carbonate-bicarbonate equilibrium) in order to improve the treatment effect of activated sludge bacteria in the aeration tank and the sedimentation properties of activated sludge in the secondary settling tank is considered. The sedimentation properties of activated sludge are corrected because of the interaction between functional oxygen-bearing substrata of activated sludge flocculation bacteria and calcium ions. As a result, firm, rapidly settling flocs are formed and, consequently, the value of the sludge index decreases compared to the technological line and settling line operating in the regular mode. It is recommended to use a chemical regulator to normalize the operation of the aeration tank in winter (possible bioflotation), spring and autumn periods at high hydraulic loads.

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