DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.07.04
UDC 628.35:665.666.6

Vlasov Dmitrii, Novikov S. N., Gavrilov Dmitrii, Skitovich Iuliia, Kevbrina M. V., Iliukhin Roman

Implementation of the first and second stages of the integrated upgrade of the Liuberetskie Wastewater Treatment Facilities of Mosvodokanal JSC


The Liuberetskie Wastewater Treatment Facilities have been the significant facilities of the Moscow wastewater disposal system that secure solution to the wastewater treatment tasks. In order to comply with the environmental requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, Mosvodokanal JSC has been actively involved in the upgrade and modernization of the municipal wastewater treatment facilities in recent years. Since 2019 the works have been in progress to implement a large-scale project for the comprehensive upgrade of the Liuberetskie Wastewater Treatment Facilities. To date, two stages of the reconstruction have been completed. As a result, the emission of wastewater odors into the atmosphere has been practically eliminated at the new facilities, the efficiency of mechanical wastewater treatment has been improved, and the high quality of effluent has been achieved including nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), so that the effluent quality meets the current process standards based on the best available technologies.

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