DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.07.03
UDC 544.723

Krasnova Tamara, Belyaeva Ekaterina, Belyaeva Oxana, Gora Natalia, Ivanova Liudmila

The use of carbon sorbents to remove manganese from aqueous media


The work is devoted to the study of manganese adsorption from aqueous solutions by carbon materials. The data on the concentration of manganese compounds in the surface and underground waters of the Kemerovo Region, as well as possible sources of its entry into natural waters are given. A brief analysis of the proposed methods of water demanganation is given. The experimental results of the studies of Mn (II) extraction from aqueous media under equilibrium conditions with carbon sorbents of different price categories, differing in the raw materials, production technology, technical characteristics and chemical state of the surface, are presented. It has been established that the greatest amount of manganese is extracted by ABG sorbent. The obtained adsorption isotherms were analyzed using the theories of monomolecular adsorption (Freundlich and Langmuir equations); and the main adsorption parameters were calculated. It is determined that the Langmuir model describes manganese adsorption isotherms with a lower correlation, which allows to assume manganese adsorption on heterogeneous adsorption centers. The approximate consumption of the sorbent required to remove manganese from water to the standard values was estimated. Per totality of the data obtained for the demanganation of natural waters, a carbon sorbent is proposed characterized with the high adsorption capacity in relation to manganese and coupled with the low cost.

Key words

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