UDC 628.169.2:628.336.8
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.09.08

Grigorieva Zh. L., Lobanov Fedor

Geotubing – a promising trend in dewatering and environmentally safe storage of biosludge


Possible use of geotubing for static dewatering and environmentally safe storage of biosludge is considered. Efficient chemicals have been provided for eliminating malodors, binding heavy metal ions, and disinfecting biosludge. The features of the application of static geotubing technology are emphasized. The proposed technology provides for the significant reduction of the area for biosludge deposit and elimination of the environmental impact during its storage with the maximum usability preservation. Advantages of the developed technology are as follows: savings on capital construction, mobility, continuous technological process, eliminating problems of process water absence, obtaining a leachate that meets the requirements for discharge to treatment facilities, low energy intensity, low operating costs, equidistribution of financial resources for the entire period of the project implementation, production of environmentally friendly product, possible work performance when convenient for the customer.

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UDC 628.221
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.09.09

Semenov Aleksandr, LATISHEV N. S., Petruk Roman

Modern solutions for the accumulation and purification of rainfall and snow-melt water


Developed in 1960–1980s process flow schemes for the purification of rainfall and snow-melt waters are not always effective nowadays. At the treatment facilities of airports, housing and public utilities, railway transport, etc., the company successfully applies advanced wastewater treatment technology using equipment of its own production. Instead of the traditional scheme, the treatment facilities use the method of dynamic separation of wastewater, i. e., the simultaneous separation of oil products and suspended solids.

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